Verbal Assessment – How to submit using the online recorder

Go to 'Verbal Assessment Page':

Visit "My Courses" page → Click on 'Complete Verbal Assessment' button. 


How to use the online recorder on the verbal assessment page

You have three(3) options to complete this section using the provided recorder –

  1. Record from webcam/microphone (usually devices like laptop, tablets and smartphones have inbuilt webcam/microphone), or
  2. Upload a pre-recorded video/audio file
  3. Record from a smartphone with internet access - Please note that the response upload speed on smartphones is usually slower than computer/laptops/tablets.
The maximum length of each recording can be 30 seconds

Best Practices

This section contains the recommendations on how to provide your verbal assessment responses using the online recorder –

  1. Prepare before recording - Read the scenario and prepare your response before recording.
  2. Record -
    1. Be precise and concise - The maximum length of each recording can be 30 seconds. So be precise and concise. Don't repeat the question.
    2. Speak clearly and slowly.
    3. Speak closer to the microphone.
    4. Use Low-Quality Recording - If possible, choose low-quality audio/video settings for your recording, so that the file size is small. Small size files are faster to transfer and thus offer more reliability.


Alternate Recording Method

You have one (1) alternative option –

  1. Voicemail - Click here more details.
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