Verbal Assessment - How to submit by phone

How to use Online recorder/uploader

You may choose to record/upload (from any device with internet access) your verbal assessment responses online by logging into your account.

OR by using the following recording method -

How to submit by phone

Please read carefully to submit by phone voicemail –

  1. Prepare before calling - Please read all the scenarios and prepare your responses before calling.
  2. Call us - Please call 07 3184 4222 to submit your response.
  3. When prompted, punch in - your CourseID and press hash(#). You can get your CourseID by visiting "My Courses" Page
  4. When prompted, punch in - your four(4) digit Year of Birth and press hash(#). Please note that this must match the year of birth on your profile.
  5. Record voicemail(s) for scenario(s) - You will be prompted to record voicemail response for all of the pending scenarios one by one.
  6. For each voicemail recording -
    1. Start - Follow the instructions provided during the phone call to start recording
    2. Stop - Press # - to stop recording before maximum duration runs out.
    3. Max duration - The maximum length of each voicemail can be 30 seconds
    4. Don't hang up - You will be taken to the next pending scenario. The call automatically disconnects after you have completed recording for all the pending scenarios.
  7. After the call, Verify upload successful - Wait for 5 minutes. Login to the website and verify that your responses have been uploaded for review.
  8. If all completed, Wait for trainer's review - If you have recorded all the pending scenarios and your responses have been uploaded successfully, please wait for the trainer's review. This usually takes a few hours, but may take a maximum of 2 working days.


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