Need help on Verbal Assessment

Online recorder/uploader

You may choose to record/upload (from any device with internet access) your verbal assessment responses online by logging into your account.

OR by using any of the following alternate recording methods -

1. Voicemail

This option is to record your verbal assessment responses as a voicemail. If possible, please ensure you are calling from your "registered phone number". This would help our staff, locate your account easily.

Please read the scenarios and prepare your responses beforehand.

Then call 07 3062 7222 and press 5 to submit your response. An automated message will ask you to record your voicemail after the tone. Please speak your full name, scenario number and your response after the tone. You may leave your response(s) in one (1) or multiple voicemails.

2. Email

You can send us your recorded responses for review via email to

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